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CVS development versions

Gwatch has a CVS repository hosted by sourceforge. If you would like to try the current development tree, follow the directions below. Please keep in mind, this code has not been deemed stable enough for release, you've been warned.

First you'll need to log into the cvs server:
   cvs login 
You will then be prompted for a password, simply hit the enter key. Now you need to checkout the module:
   cvs -z3 co gwatch 

Now that you've got the source, you'll need to use the GNU build tools to configure it:
   [petew@web1 ~]$ cd gwatch
   [petew@web1 ~/gwatch]$ aclocal
   [petew@web1 ~/gwatch]$ automake
   [petew@web1 ~/gwatch]$ autoconf       
You should now be able to build gwatch acording the regular installation instructions in the INSTALL file.