• 03-07-2000 - A re-write of the whole project in C++ is nearly complete, and will be available via CVS very soon.

  • 02-10-2000 - Moved the project to soureceforge, and added a mail list.

  • 02-07-2000 - Version 0.0.4 Released. This version fixes a few bugs and makes life easier for those using procmail (see the documentation page). Since a parser bug is fixed in this release, it is recomended that users upgrade.

  • 01-05-2000 - Version 0.0.3 Released, First public release.


Gwatch is mail spool monitor similar to the watcher feature of tkrat. Gwatch monitors a mail spool, and when new mail arrives, it displays a window, containing the from, and subject feilds of the new email. It is written in c, with the gtk+ toolkit, and developed on the linux platform. It is known to compile and work on FreeBSD, and should compile and run on most *nix platforms (See the Build Notes in the documentation). Note: Gwatch is still in ALPHA stage! It may break at any time.

Who's Responsible for this:

Gwatch was written by Peter Witkop ( resume), with support from Stephen Witkop, and others.

Many thanks to sourceforge for all the services they provide